SHT Smart High Tech AB (SHT), Sweden

Contact :
Lilei Ye



SHT has a Know how in materials formulation and processes for nanobased technology for applications in electronics and MEMS area especially in nano-thermal interface materials, conductive adhesives and CNT based bumping, cooling and TSVs.


Laboratory resources:

SHT has its site at Physics building, Chalmers University of Technology. It has signed a long term contract with MC2 at Chalmers houses the Nanofabrication Laboratory, a world-class university cleanroom for research and fabrication of micro and nanotechnology. The Laboratory is a state-of-the-art facility with 1240 m2 of cleanroom classified area with process and measurement tools providing a broad platform for the development and testing of new ideas in micro and nano technology. Besides, it has its own laboratory for assembly and reliability testing.


Role in NANO-RF:

  • Development of “ad hoc”carbon nanotubes (suspended and arrays)
  • Material characterization at the nanoscale


Key personnel:

Dr Lilei Ye graduated in Physics in Chalmers University of Technology in late 90s with a focus on materials science TEM analysis and characterisation. She is responsible for materials and process development at SHT.